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One Day 2022

One Day 2022
Join us on Friday 10th June, 2022 from 7pm at the Old Bank of England pub in central London.

Every year, the 2269 team, and a host of our friends and invitation owners celebrate June 6th with what we call One Day. Although not quite on the same scale as The Greatest Party of All Time, our annual event is a festive reminder of the big idea and a yearly countdown to 6/6/2269. It highlights too, that while we may not be attending the 2269 event personally, we’re all still a critical part of making the big day a reality.

Our first One Day event was in 2019. That year we raised a glass with familiar and unfamiliar faces at The Hope pub in London. Then the following year, the pandemic prevented us from meeting in person so instead we asked you to send in your videos, completing the sentence “One Day…” in your own words with a personal hope or aspiration attached. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, quite a few of them were, “One day, we will go to the pub again!”).

2021 saw us assembling the Greatest Playlist of All Time, a collaborative venture of bangers, bops and anthems to help dance the next two centuries away. You can find the 2269 Playlist on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music – and suggest your own pick by reaching out to us on social media @2269party.

Now, after two years where it wasn’t responsible to gather in great numbers, more than ever we’re into the idea of a real, actual party…

This year, we are once again gathering to celebrate in person. And we hope you will join us. June 6th this year is a Monday, which never feels like a day you can party hard. And, what’s more, with the 2269 team based in London, UK, the weekend before it is a big holiday – the Queen has been Queen for a very long time so wants the nation to enjoy a few days off – so we wanted to avoid clashing with those planned events.

So, in 2022, we’ll be observing One Day on Friday June 10th. We’ll be at the Old Bank of England pub, Covent Garden, London from 7pm, and if you’re geographically adjacent we’d love to see you there. You’re welcome to bring a friend.

To those of you who can’t join us in London, you can still celebrate with your own countdown party. However large or small your gathering, we’d encourage you to take a moment to raise a glass to future generations, specifically to your distant descendants – those great, great, great, great grandchildren of yours (or your friends) who will one day have their own lives and adventures. Imagine them looking back from the future and giving you a wave.

And for those especially keen, we would love to hear from you on the day. Tell us how you’re celebrating and where you are in the world. You might include a photo on social media of and mention us @2269party. Everyone who posts a photo and mentions us will receive a gift from us!

Happy One Day!

Featured image credit: The Old Bank of England pub, Undefined