‘No Expectations. Only Hopes!’ – guest Chris Daniel travels to The Greatest Party of All Time

Guest Chris Daniel likes a good party! He’s super fun – and smart – and we learned a lot on this episode. Join him and Mike as they road trip to The Greatest Party of All Time in the latest episode of 2269.

Along the way, Mai Tai cocktails are mixed, life stories are shared and the mighty Pogues get added to the all-time party playlist. Chris also selects his ‘Ultimate Party Gifts’, plays the ‘Decades’ game – revealing a lifetime in seven minutes – and shares some deep talk on the need for stories that generate hope.

Chris Daniel (left) with Michael Ogden

The director of Polysemic, a cultural design practice, Chris is an architect who also teaches design at the University of Westminster and the University for the Creative Arts. In his spare time, Chris is the host of the Long Now London meetup – the London based group of the long-term thinking cultural institution The Long Now.

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