Press & Feedback for The 2269 Project

“You are invited to a party. And not just a party, but the greatest party of all time

A celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration…

The idea of this 2269 event posits a future in which parties are possible and there will be a lot to celebrate.”

The Boston Globe

This is a great effort!

Jum’atil, Indonesia

The 2269 project is a love letter to the future, and [the 2269] podcast brings the human-ness of the project to the forefront. It invites us to think about the small changes that we can make to ensure that the world is a better place in 250 years’ time. I’m proud to be part of the project in a small way by owning a poster, and am looking forward to hearing the next episodes of the podcast and being introduced to more future-thinkers!

Amy, UK

Given the challenges of our time, it’s a breath of fresh air to imagine our future full of hope and celebration. What a great way to encourage us to think positively about the world we want, and give us a nudge to take steps to create it. Full of energy, optimism and a helpful sense of our responsibilities now. Brilliant. I’d given my invitation to the 2269 party to my sister, but I’m realising I will have to get another one for myself…

Millie, UK

“Wow!! This project looks fun and interesting.”

Ingrid, USA

“I love it! Wacky, wonderful and weird… Bloody good idea.”

Claus, Denmark

“This is a brilliant, exciting, and a profound idea! I love it.

I hope that my children will pass it on to my grandchildren and that they will pass it on to their children. And if a generation has no children, pass them on to friends who have children.

We all are responsible for this place we call Earth. And we have to protect it for our children and grandchildren. So I am really proud to start this project in my family!”

Thomas, Germany

“I can’t wait to get this framed and put up in a place of honour. It’s a beautiful work of art!”

Nicole, UK

“Tantalising to unwrap and a joy to see – it’s exquisite, playful and beautiful. Thank you!”

“The 2269 poster is really beautiful : )”

“Insane…brilliantly insane”

“I got quite choked up when the 2269 poster arrived – there is such poignancy wrapped up in the concept.”

Tom, UK

“Absolutely fascinating – and very clever.”

“What a lovely idea and an antidote to the times!”

Darren, USA

“Completely insane… insanely brilliant! Count me in.”

Patrick, UK

“Here’s a creative piece of long-term thinking: an invitation to a party 250 years in the future, in 2269.”

Roman Krznaric

“I love your idea – it made me well up as I read about it.”

Tomas, UK

“This is a seriously cool idea and I love it… Who knows what the future holds – but the party is definite. That is such a great mind trip. ”

Chris, USA

“This super cool! Love the idea.”

Carl, USA

” I love it, what a crazily brilliant idea!”

Chris, USA

“I think 2269 is intriguing. Eye catching. Clever. Attractive. Appealing. Crazy. Stylish. Batty. Fun. Simple. Complex. Likeable. Bonkers. Desirable. Awe inspiring. Fabulously worrying. And you can quote that.”

Graham, UK

“This isn’t just planning a party. This is planning for something that will only come to fruition if we powerfully visualise, and protect, the future. Think of what could occur in the next 250 years if we think big, and positively. It’s not all about hoverboards and AI. It’s about sustainability, inclusivity, and protecting the one world we’ve been given. Not just celebrating the old ways – there’s enough of that already, and rightly so. This is about picturing an event that will happen with a whole new world (don’t break into song please) built around it. What will it look like?”

Tim Thornton, 2269 – The Party Is On

“I’ve always loved story and the idea of creating an evolving one that branches into the future instead of off the past is brilliant and conjures such imagery.”

Claire, UK

“LOVE IT. Brilliant idea!!! What a poignant daily nudge to look after and invest in this world for the future.”

Natasha, UK

“2269 is a fantastic and evocative idea.”

Jason, USA

“What a great idea this is. How to tell a story across centuries.”


“I find your work truly unique and inspiring – it’s wonderful to have you on this planet!”

Newsletter subscriber, Poland

“The print project made to last 250 years”

Print Monthly