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Daianna Karaian! Saving the world a day at a time

Daianna Karaian! Saving the world a day at a time

Our guest this episode is the co-founder of Thought Starter: Daianna Karaian! Daianna is an entrepreneur, writer, and activist who believes small steps can make a big difference over time. She wants to make it as easy as possible for people to create positive change, and has created a tool that helps everyone do just that – the Thought Starter Kit.

On the show, Daianna recounts her past in a rapid fire party game we call 'Decades'. She also chooses her favourite song, her favourite book, an all-time travel destination she wants to remember, and she selects a treasured object – all to be saved in the 2269 time capsule. And she makes a toast to future generations – what words of wisdom will she share?

Plus, Daianna predicts the future, in our new 2269 games:

  • Who Will Be Remembered?
  • Which Comes First?

AND we talk jump suits, Olivia Newton John and talking to dogs! So, join us for an entertaining trip through the past, present and distant future, as we build up to the greatest party of all time!

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