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The Greatest Party of All Time will take place on June 6th 2269. Starting at Noon.

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The 2269 invitation

A stunning print designed to be put up, kept up and passed down through generations of your family

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Imagine a day when all of humanity comes together to join in a celebration independent of nationality, language, religion and politics, for one moment in time – on June 6th, 2269. And all because people started receiving invitations 250 years before.

All owners of the 2269 invitation are entrusted with its preservation and pledge to one day pass it to the next generation. This simple action, performed over time by a growing community of people like you, will lead to this unprecedented worldwide event.

By putting the invitation up on your wall, you will become part of an epic story designed to unfold over centuries. By keeping it up, you will help remind us all to work towards a future worth celebrating. And by passing it on, you will be remembered.

Our time here is relatively short, but expanding our frame of reference into the distant future can help us make better choices in the present day. A little perspective can transform how we live our lives. So every June 6th, henceforth known as ‘One Day’, we also encourage you to gather friends and celebrate not just how far we have come, but how much further we can go.

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Put it up. Keep it up. Pass it on.

A cornerstone of the 2269 project is a beautifully produced poster that you can own. It’s an invitation created to encourage long-term thinking and designed to stand the test of time and be passed from one generation to the next.

Foil-blocked on archival paper, each copy is digitally numbered using pigment ink to add an element of individuality.

This stunning, original print is a gloriously retro-futuristic invitation to the party that not only is a fascinating conversation starter, but also a unique reminder that the future is something to work towards with hope and imagination.

Unframed 2269 invitation

£89 [approx. $110]

Created by artists Peter Dean and Michael Ogden, the 2269 poster is beautifully foil-blocked onto heavy, archival paper, individually numbered and comes with a separate Record of Owners document.

See more photos and all the details at – just click the button below.

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Framed 2269 invitation

£269 [approx. $340]

We’ve selected archival materials that perfectly complement the textures and colours of the print and this framed version is shipped ready to hang. Designed to last many lifetimes, it’s the perfect gift.

See more photos and all the details at – just click the button below.

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2269 t-shirts

£19 [approx. $24]

Get your future on with a 2269 t-shirt! Our t-shirts are made from soft, organic cotton that’s GM free and are printed in the UK using low-waste printing tech. Made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. They look good and feel great!

We have t-shirts for men and women, in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Be subtle or bold, it’s up to you. Next day shipping is available.

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“The 2269 project is a love letter to the future.”

Amy, UK

Your ‘Record of owners’

Each of our posters is accompanied by a Record of Owners document for each owner to sign and date, a little like a library card. Imagine receiving a print signed by your great grandparents knowing that your own great grandchildren will one day receive it too.

The invitation poster is currently in English. We are in the process of translating it for other languages and cultures with the intention of reaching as many people in as many countries as possible over time.

We hope you join us as this epic story unfolds over time. Everyone can participate in creating this legend for the 23rd century.

“Thank you, I can’t wait to get my 2269 invitation framed and put up in a place of honour. It’s a beautiful work of art.”

Nicole, UK

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