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Make history. Create the future.
2269 – as seen in

“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

Founded in 2019 by two friends, artists Peter Dean and Michael Ogden, 2269 begins with an invitation to think differently—about time, about each other, and about what we leave behind for the next generation.

So we ask you to join us and play a part. Wear a brand that actually means something. Display your invitation and get another for a friend. Most of all, share the story of a future worth celebrating.

Our mission is to create a compelling story about the future that weaves itself into the fabric of families and communities, ultimately uniting generations and cultures. So as we approach the year 2269, the party feels inevitable, and a powerful force for good.

On June 6th, 2269 a worldwide, multicultural celebration will happen—like a legendary New Year’s Eve in June. Everybody is invited. From London to Kyoto, Shanghai to Sydney, Kinshasa to Austin, in every corner of Earth (and beyond), generations will gather and humanity will celebrate together. A singular event, never seen before and never forgotten — a party worth the wait.

Right now, 2269 exists in our collective imaginations. By starting the conversation today, by putting up and passing on invitations far and wide, by wearing the 2269 brand and by spreading the word, this celebration of imagination, exploration and progress will become a reality.

Make history. Create the future.

Frequently asked questions

What is the 2269 project?

The 2269 project is a never-before-attempted experiment in storytelling and time, aiming to bring about a meaningful, global event in the distant future. The Greatest Party of All Time, on June 6th, 2269 will be a celebration independent of nationality, language, religion and politics.

What is going to happen on June 6th 2269?

June 6th 2269 is the day when the Greatest Party of All Time will take place—exactly 250 years from when the 2269 project launched. 

What will the Greatest Party of All Time be like?

That’s really up to our descendants to decide, but we see it as being a little like New Year’s Eve in some ways. So there won’t just be one party in a central venue overflowing with every person on Earth, but millions of parties of all shapes and sizes, in every town and city across the world—and beyond!

What is One Day?

One Day is an annual toast to the future on June 6th. The 2269 community meet up, celebrate, and count down to the Greatest Party of All Time on 6/6/2269. One Day is the only date in the calendar that looks forward instead of backwards.

Where can I buy the 2269 print?

Do you ship worldwide?


What makes each 2269 print unique?

To start your 2269 story, each of our beautiful, foil-blocked invitations is digitally numbered. They also come with a Record of Owners document which you should sign and date upon receipt of your print. Each successive owner will also sign and date it and, by the time the year 2269 comes around, there will be an incredibly precious, multi-generational record of everyone who has owned the print. We offer two framing styles but because we also sell prints unframed, you are free to frame yours however you choose.

Besides buying a print, how can I engage with 2269?

We have a newsletter (signing up will earn you 10% off your print purchase). You can also follow us on Instagram, X, Facebook, and Threads. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via email – we’d love to hear from you. 

What is 2269 doing to help create a future where The Greatest Party of All Time is possible? How can I get involved?

Every print, t-shirt, hat, hoodie—and anything else you can find in the store— serves one purpose: to spread the word about 2269. The world is full of meaningless brands selling fast fashion and cheap, throwaway merch. 2269 is different, we choose products carefully and adorn them with our message so that you can go out into the world knowing that you’ve done something to help bring together every person on earth in the year 2269.

Will there be prints in other languages available?

These are coming! Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear any news. 

The 2269 print is made to last. How sustainable are other 2269 merch products?

Our merch is produced by Printful, whose sustainability journey is detailed in depth on their website.

Where can I listen to the 2269 podcast?

Previous episodes of the podcast are available on our website. 

How can I nominate a Guest of Honour?

Our Guest of Honour nominations are closed for now. Take a look at those who have already been nominated.