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'Inevitable Massive Success!' – with guest Chris Day

'Inevitable Massive Success!' – with guest Chris Day

Our latest guest is the entertaining and provocative Chris Day. Besides owning a 2269 invitation, who is Chris Day? Well, in his own words…

Chris Day is a refreshingly bespectacled illustrator, animator and writer. He has scribbled, doodled and thinkercised since he was a dot and currently runs the small (but perfectly formed) creative studio Little Creature from his home in the leafy depths of Bath, Enger-land. One day he hopes to finally learn the saxophone and write a screenplay about a lonely 19th Century inventor. In 2269 he will be 295 years young and at most parties he can be found in the kitchen near the finger food. For more info: littlecreature.org or @littletweeture

We promise you’ll enjoy Chris’s musings on what’s ahead. Give it a try. Thanks for listening.

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