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One Day 2023: Another year closer to the Greatest Party of All Time

One Day 2023: Another year closer to the Greatest Party of All Time

You may know that the Greatest Party of All Time is set to take place in 2269 — 250 years after we started planning it! Despite setting our sights firmly on the future, we’re determined to seize the here-and-now. This is why we celebrate One Day – an annual tradition commemorating an event that hasn’t happened yet.

We began the 2269 project with hopes of inspiring a multigenerational tradition: one that encourages the unabashed celebration of human life, and reminds us of our place in the universe’s long history. Each year, on One Day, we get together with like-minded party-goers and remember our cause.

For this year’s One Day, we planned an entire day of activities: starting at noon sharp (precisely 246 years prior to the Greatest Party of All Time). We met at the V&A, enjoying craft beer and sparkling wine as well as a delicious early lunch.

From there, we headed to The Science Museum for the ‘Voyage to the edge of imagination’ exhibition. The 'once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the cosmos' did not disappoint, and we came away feeling that we had been given a (very fitting) glimpse of the future.

The evening that followed involved dinner, drinks, and our annual group photo — all at the Anglesea Arms. It was wonderful to see so many people united by 2269, partaking in the jollification of June 6th.
In fact, the whole day was a blast: from our noon-time drinks, to an awe-inspiring exhibition, to the pub where we all were introduced to ‘The Purple Bag of Prophecy’ (predictions to be revealed at our next party, June 6th 2024…). Old friends reunited. New friends introduced. Thank you to all who came along!

A few things:

1. Please add Friday June 6th to your 2024 calendar now for next year’s get-together. In fact, go ahead and add June 6th to 2025, 2026, etc… :)
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