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“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

It can be difficult to find gifts that are truly meaningful. We all have someone in our lives that deserves something original, different, and exciting. When an occasion is special, the gift should be too. It’s easy to spend hours trawling the depths of the internet searching for the perfect present, but we think that 2269 might have the answer you’re looking for: a gift of exceptional quality, something completely unique, and designed to last more than a lifetime.

An invitation to the Greatest Party of All Time.

2269 is a project centred around an event that will happen on June 6th 2269: the Greatest Party of All Time. The 2269 print, a museum-quality poster intended to be passed down through generations, serves as an invitation to the party—and so much more.

The 2269 print.

This poster is beautifully designed, and made to last for centuries, using archival materials and printing techniques. Each 2269 print can become a treasured heirloom that will adorn the homes of many generations to come. And to mark every step of this adventure through time, each print comes with a Record of Owners, so that the history of each individually-numbered print can be traced back to the original owner. Imagine owning a print that once belonged to your great, great grandparents—it would surely be a treasured possession. That kind of long-term thinking—and almost incalculable value—is what the gift of a 2269 print offers.

The legacy of the original owner (or gift-giver) will be preserved for centuries.

The 2269 project is a celebration of creativity and imagination, and its goal here is to spread hope and positivity by inspiring others to look to the future. To keep our community thriving, we also throw events every year on June 6th to celebrate getting one year closer to the Greatest Party of All Time on 6/6/2269. We call this annual event One Day. So buying a 2269 print is much more than buying a beautiful, heirloom artefact— it makes the recipient part of a growing global community.

“This isn’t just planning a party. This is planning for something that will only come to fruition if we powerfully visualise, and protect, the future. Think of what could occur in the next 250 years if we think big, and positively. It’s not all about hoverboards and AI. It’s about sustainability, inclusivity, and protecting the one world we’ve been given. Not just celebrating the old ways – there’s enough of that already, and rightly so. This is about picturing an event that will happen with a whole new world (don’t break into song please) built around it. What will it look like?” —Tim Thornton, author, musician and owner of a 2269 print, reflects on the meaning behind the 2269 project

A gift that lasts more than a lifetime.

Good things are made to last, and the 2269 print is the perfect gift to commemorate any significant event. Whether you are searching for an original wedding gift, a one-of-a-kind birthday gift, or the perfect graduation gift, these big life landmarks deserve to be marked appropriately. Unlike trending, throwaway products or impersonal gift cards and vouchers, the 2269 print will not go out of style, and is intended to become a unique part of the recipient’s story. Not only will the print include the recipient in our community of like-minded future-thinkers—if they choose, granting them invitations to One Day events for the rest of their life—it will also become part of their legacy. This is the ideal gift for someone who might want to be remembered for hundreds of years. And don’t forget that, as the gift giver, you can also sign the Record of Owners first, putting on record the provenance of this soon-to-be treasured gift.

Imagine a day when all of humanity comes together to join in a celebration independent of nationality, language, religion and politics, for one moment in time – on June 6th, 2269. And all because people started receiving invitations 250 years beforehand. Peter Dean & Michael Ogden, founders of 2269

A new family tradition.

The 2269 print really is a gift that keeps on giving: as children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren get to enjoy the wonder and imagination that the poster brings to any home. It’s a conversation starter for the ages. The Record of Owners functions a bit like a library card or even a micro-census, keeping your family history as the centrepiece in your home, holding memories, and inspiring connection. The 2269 print offers you the opportunity to be part of a story that unfolds over generations—a story that starts with you. The moment that a print is handed down to the next generation it becomes extremely special—the beginning of a new family tradition and story. How the poster will be passed down to the next recipient is totally up to you: an elaborate ceremony where the new owner adds their name to the Record of Owners, a dinner party in the recipient’s home where the print hangs in pride of place, or whatever else you can dream up. The 2269 project is all about imagination, after all.

“This is a brilliant, exciting, and a profound idea! I love it. I hope that my children will pass it on to my grandchildren and that they will pass it on to their children. And if a generation has no children, pass them on to friends who have children. We all are responsible for this place we call Earth. And we have to protect it for our children and grandchildren. So I am really proud to start this project in my family!” —Thomas, owner of a 2269 print, Germany

A high-quality print that will last for hundreds of years.

It’s rare to find a gift that stands the test of time. So many presents ultimately end up in landfill, or get forgotten and left at the back of cupboards, in loft spaces, or storage boxes. The 2269 print is not destined for this fate, it’s intended to have a permanent place on the wall, where it serves as a reminder of the future, and to inspire conversations around friendship, hope, imagination, and all the things that truly matter. The 2269 print works in any space, and its archival-quality paper means that it will last for a very long time. Maybe you’re looking for a unique housewarming gift for a friend? The 2269 print is the perfect way to imbue a space with meaning, helping to turn a house into a home.

A philosophy to unite humanity.

The 2269 project is independent of religion, race, politics, and any other markers of division. 2269 is an idea that transcends borders, cultural boundaries, and even time itself. We want to foster a global movement that champions human connection. All humans on earth (and beyond) in the year 2269 will have one thing in common: they are all invited to The Greatest Party of All Time. The 2269 project encourages long-term thinking, and asks us to consider how our present day decisions will impact others in the future. Having a 2269 print on the wall serves as a regular reminder of our place within history, and promotes future-oriented thinking. We believe in a future where a party in the year 2269 will be possible. The physical presence of the 2269 poster becomes a symbol of hope, and a reminder to do whatever is necessary to safeguard the future.

“You are invited to a party. And not just a party, but the greatest party of all time… A celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration… The idea of this 2269 event posits a future in which parties are possible and there will be a lot to celebrate.” — The Boston Globe

Come and join the community!

2269 will bring people together in the future, but we’re making things happen in the here and now too. Every year, each member of our 2269 community is invited to our One Day celebration on June 6th. Previous One Day celebrations have included food, drink and good company, as well as interesting outings. When the pandemic meant we couldn’t meet in person, we created The Greatest Playlist of All Time.

Owning a 2269 print is a bit like having a membership to a secret society. At the very least, you’ll be a founding member of a global movement that spans hundreds of years of human history.

Let’s take a look in more detail.

Carefully designed, expertly printed, and sustainably framed, the 2269 print has been crafted to stand the test of time. Created in 2019, this print was designed to last a minimum of 250 years. The 2269 poster is beautifully foil-blocked onto heavy, archival paper. Each print is also digitally-numbered, with lower numbers having the potential to be more valuable in the future.

You are invited! The Greatest Party of All Time is for everyone.

The beauty of the 2269 project is matched by the appearance of the print: designed to look great in any space, for hundreds of years to come. Get yours today.

An unforgettable gift for unforgettable moments in life.

Some events only come around once-in-a-lifetime: graduations, weddings, and special birthdays. How better to commemorate these fleeting moments than with a gift that will last? For each person’s unique story, the print will offer a different perspective. Newlyweds may like the idea that, just like their love, this print will endure for many years. Parents welcoming a new baby into the world may appreciate the fact that the Record of Owners will preserve their legacy for future generations. Graduates may feel inspired to go forth into the world and make a difference. As these people progress through their lives, finding joy, overcoming temporary hardships, and moving forward through time, the 2269 print on their wall will serve as a reminder of a hopeful future, one that they can help to create.

A wearable reminder of the future.

2269 hats

We also sell apparel. Our hats and shirts serve as a reminder of the hope and imagination behind the 2269 project. 

2269 t shirts

Our t-shirts are available in four languages: French, Korean, English and Japanese. 

Don’t miss out on the Greatest Party of All Time

At the core of this project is faith in humanity, love of imagination, and hope for the future. It’s The Greatest Party of All Time, and you are invited, so get your invitation today. So what form will the Greatest Party of All Time take? This and other questions are answered in our FAQ.