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“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

Celebrate friendship with a gift that lasts forever

Friendship is a journey of joy, support, and unforgettable memories. For that special friend in your life, the 2269 print offers a unique way to celebrate this bond, transcend the ordinary and embrace the future.

2269 invitation print

The 2269 invitation print. Buy one and get another for half price.

Why the 2269 print?

  1. An enduring symbol of friendship: The 2269 print is not just an artistic piece; it's a symbolic ticket to the future, symbolising the lasting nature of your friendship. It's an invitation to the Greatest Party of All Time in 2269, representing hope and joy.
  2. A journey together: This print signifies the journey you and your friend will share over the years, a constant reminder of the strength and longevity of your bond.
  3. Inspiration for future adventures: It's a gift that keeps giving, inspiring your friend to dream and anticipate future joys and adventures.

A wearable reminder of the future.

2269 hats

We also sell apparel. Our hats and shirts serve as a reminder of the hope and imagination behind the 2269 project. 

2269 apparel

Our t-shirts are available in four languages: French, Korean, English and Japanese.

A gift that transcends time

Offer a gift that extends beyond the usual. The 2269 print is more than a present; it's a promise of future memories, a symbol of unwavering support, and a testament to the timeless nature of true friendship.

Embrace the opportunity to give a gift that strengthens the bonds of friendship and looks forward to a future filled with shared joy.