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“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

As you unwrap your 2269 invitation and admire it for the first time, you’ll find an additional feature that is sure to spark delight: your personalised Record of Owners. This document can be signed by you (or by the giver of the print, if it’s a gift) and will be completed over time: one line of the document should be filled out by each successive owner of the print. Perhaps your child will fill out the second line, your grandchild will fill out the third and, by the year 2269, you will have collaborated with your descendants to document your family’s history on your Record of Owners.

The story ‘behind’ the invitation

When you order a framed 2269 invitation, you’ll find your Record of Owners attached to the rear of the print. This is the perfect place – a secret spot, behind your invitation and away from the light – to store something that needs to survive over 200 years. And if you order an unframed 2269 invitation, we’ll include an archival pouch so that you can attach it yourself, once your print has been framed.

A family story spanning generations

An understanding of family history can help situate us, ground us, and give us a sense of our place in the world. Sometimes knowing where you have come from can help you figure out where you’re going. Following a paper trail back through time – digitised government censuses and immigration records, or dusty archives at your local library – is one way to track your family story. You can even have your DNA analyzed to provide further insights. But your Record of Owners offers your descendants a tangible connection to the past and will tell the story of how many generations came together to commit to an important idea: that there is hope for a brighter future.

It’s also a way to leave a meaningful legacy – something of substance designed to be treasured and passed on. Within just a few generations, it will accumulate incalculable sentimental value.

A message in a bottle for future generations

The 2269 invitation, each individually numbered and complete with your very own Record of Owners, is a hopeful gift that is so much more than ink on (beautiful, archival) paper. It is a powerful and playful expression of humanity – imaginative proof that each of us were here for a time and thinking of others beyond the present day.

Signing your Record of Owners is like writing a postcard that will be delivered decades later: a message in a bottle that says, ‘Dear family and friends in the future, today I was thinking of you.’ And they, in turn, will think and wonder about you.

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