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2269: The Sermon

2269: The Sermon

By Peter Dean • Image: Trinity Church in Boston, by Bill Damon


The other day, while preparing some of the content for this new website of ours, I googled a phrase from the Boston Globe article that was written about 2269 (Party Like It’s 2269) to check its accuracy.

Among the top few results was a link that caught my eye—and actually caused a double-take. It was this sermon, titled “An Invitation to the Greatest Party of All Time”, delivered beautifully by the Rev. Morgan Allen, Rector at Trinity Church Boston—a glorious Catholic church in downtown Boston: 


This sermon was delivered shortly after Linda Rodriguez McRobbie’s piece was published by the Boston Globe and based on the story of our project as told there.

To say the least, I was absolutely stunned by it! Not only the reverence with which it was delivered, and the incredible setting, but also the fact that it happened two years ago and I hadn’t seen it before. Cue an immediate phone call with Mike to share in this mind-blowing moment! 🤯

The 2269 project is, of course, independent of religion (as well as politics, language and nationality), because everyone is invited on 6/6/2269, but we love the fact that the Rev. Morgan Allen found parallels between the aims of our project and the strong message of hope as conveyed in his sermon.

We recommend watching the whole thing above, and you can also read the transcript of the sermon on Trinity Church’s website.