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One Day 2021: Playlist for the greatest party of all time

One Day 2021: Playlist for the greatest party of all time

TUNE! What makes your setlist for the greatest party of all time?

For this year’s One Day festivities on June 6th, we’re going to have a DJ set – online, obviously, it’s 2021 after all – but the music is up to you. We want to hear your recommendations for the boombox at the greatest party of all time, and maybe why you think it’ll stand the test of time.

A party needs music. It’s hard to find a culture in history that hasn’t used some acoustic backing to its revelries. Humans like tunes. Here at the 2269 project, we’re going to assume that this is unlikely to change. The more pertinent question for anyone contemplating a party in over two centuries’ time is, what songs would those be? Would anything of today’s aural ephemera survive? We think so. This year, 250 years ago, Mozart was in his pomp, pumping out seven major works, including three symphonies. He’d just completed a big tour of Italy and he had a new opera launching in Milan. No less prolific was his mate and mentor Haydn, probably the choice of your parents when you gathered round the harpsichord. Mozart was probably a bit busy and “all the notes”, in a Metallica kind of way, for them. These stars have survived, and the odds of you recognizing some of these pieces are quite high.

So, there’s no reason to suppose that anything we now enjoy is off the table. Certainly, something will make it… when the people of 2269 talk about us, in a humorous and patronising way, what will they recognise?

We know there’s nothing so contentious as what music moves us and what sounds like fingernails on our personal blackboard, so we suspect there’ll be surprises, disputes and wilful obscurity in the posts and comments…but that’s exactly how we want it.

Post your song choices on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #2269 until June 6th! We'll publish Spotify and Apple Music playlists to share the selections.