One Day

June 6th every year is a special day for this project. It’s a significant milestone on the way to 6/6/2269 and we will mark the day in a different way each year.

Look at a calendar and you’ll see that all our holidays recognise past events or people that made great contributions in the past… We’d like to introduce a day that instead looks to the future, as a way to prepare for 2269. We’re calling it One Day.

At its core, the idea is incredibly simple. Every June 6th, we have a party and toast the future.

We’ll also be encouraging other people to do the same. And any kind of party will do. A dinner party, a house party, cocktail party, dorm-room party, you name it. So long as you toast the future with friends, family or a carefully balanced blend of both, you’re doing it right.

In doing this consistently every year, our aim is to make June 6th synonymous with parties of all shapes and sizes.

The inaugural One Day party

The Hope

On June 6th, 2019, co-founders Peter Dean and Michael Ogden hosted a gathering in an appropriately-named pub – The Hope – in Farringdon, London. Fifty people joined us to officially launch the 2269 project.

One Day 2020

So what are we doing this year? Find out here!