The 2269 Podcast

Each episode of the 2269 podcast is an entertaining snapshot of a person who owns an invitation to the greatest party of all time. Guests have already promised to one day pass this on to the next generation, but what else do they hope will stand the test of time?

Michael Ogden talks with guests about the things they hope are still celebrated long after they’re gone. Which favourite song, book, object, and place will each person choose to save for the 2269 time capsule? Along the way, guests play party games, time-travel to the future, and make a toast to their descendants. Join us as we take a trip through a lifetime and beyond, as we build up to the greatest party of all time!

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‘The Universe Is Poised To Thrive!’- long-term thinker George Gantz is our latest 2269 party guest

Join George Gantz and host Michael Ogden on an entertaining road trip to the distant future – to the Greatest Party of All Time! Along the way, all-time favourite books, films and songs are shared and a toast is...

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Living in the Moment’ – with guest Rupert Harris – filmmaker, VR director, rock climber

Travel 250 years in a brisk 37 minutes with BAFTA-winning filmmaker Rupert Harris and host Michael Ogden in another entertaining and provocative instalment of the 2269 podcast.

Listen in as life stories are...

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‘No Expectations. Only Hopes!’ – guest Chris Daniel travels to The Greatest Party of All Time

Guest Chris Daniel likes a good party! He’s super fun – and smart – and we learned a lot on this episode. Join him and Mike as they road trip to The Greatest Party of All Time in the latest episode of...

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‘Inevitable Massive Success!’ – with guest Chris Day

Our latest guest is the entertaining and provocative Chris Day. Besides owning a 2269 invitation, who is Chris Day? Well, in his own words…

Chris Day is a refreshingly bespectacled illustrator, animator...

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‘Better Days Ahead’ – with guest Claire Bullen, editor, author, cook and global authority on craft beer

Join us on a one-of-a-kind road trip through the past, present and distant future. Our guest in this episode of 2269 is Claire Bullen, a London-based writer and editor of

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‘From Small Beginnings Come Great Endings’ – with guest, musician and author Tim Thornton

Tim Thornton is a busy man! A world touring musician with 7 studio albums on his belt (their latest has been long-listed...

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‘To Absent Friends’ – time travelling with guest Gideon Holland

What’s going to last? What songs, books, and words of wisdom will stand the test of time?

Making his picks in this episode of 2269 is guest Gideon Holland – a London-based lawyer, husband and father to...

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‘Heart-Led and People Focused’ – with Guest Amy Meadows

What’s going to last? What songs, books, and words of wisdom will stand the test of time?

Making her picks in this episode is guest Amy Meadows, an expert event organiser, a champion of entrepreneurial...

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‘The Act of Remembering Keeps People Alive’ – with guest Harry Hobson

We meet Harry Hobson, a deep thinker and strategist who is busy designing better neighbourhoods with his Flourishing Labs project and welcomes your input. Discover how Harry takes inspiration from Steve Job’s...

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Beautiful Accidents & the Art of Disruption with guest Mike Best!

Meet Mike Best: Writer. Photographer. Caffeine addict. And an owner of a 2269 ticket to the greatest party of all time!

On this episode, Mike shares with us his thoughts on the power of passing things on, the...

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Daianna Karaian! Saving the world a day at a time

Our guest this episode is the co-founder of Thought Starter: Daianna Karaian! Daianna is an entrepreneur, writer, and activist...

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Launch Trailer

This is the launch trailer for the 2269 podcast! Join us each month for an entertaining trip through the past, present and distant future, as we meet people from around the world and learn about their hopes for the...

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