2269 – as seen in

“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

A timeless treasure that will last a lifetime

Give a gift that will echo through generations. For your beloved grandchild, we present the 2269 print – a remarkable gift that transcends the ordinary.

2269 invitation print

The 2269 invitation print. Buy one and get another for half price.

Why the 2269 print?

  1. A legacy of love: This unique print is not just a beautiful work of art, it's also an invitation to a grand future event: the Greatest Party of All Time in 2269. It's a legacy piece, intended to be passed down through generations, making it an ideal gift for your grandchild.
  2. Connect across time: The 2269 print is a bridge between the past, present, and future. It comes with a Record of Owners document, allowing future generations to connect with the lineage and stories attached to this family heirloom.
  3. Inspire and imagine: This gift is a testament to the hope and dreams of humanity. It will inspire your grandchild to think about the future, fostering imagination and a sense of wonder about what is yet to come.

A wearable reminder of the future.

2269 hats

We also sell apparel. Our hats and shirts serve as a reminder of the hope and imagination behind the 2269 project. 

2269 apparel

Our t-shirts are available in four languages: French, Korean, English and Japanese. 

Join the legacy

Gift your grandchild a gift that grows in value with time. The 2269 print is more than an ordinary gift: it's a promise, a story, and a journey into the future.

This is not just a gift, but the start of a legacy.