2269 – as seen in

“2269 is a celebration of life and living, creativity and community, innovation and exploration"

A timeless symbol of love and partnership

Choose a deeply meaningful gift for your husband that captures the essence of your journey together and the anticipation of your shared future. The 2269 print is a unique and symbolic gift, representing not just your present love but the promise of many years to come.

2269 invitation print

The 2269 invitation print. Buy one and get another for half price.

Why the 2269 print is special

  1. Celebrating your enduring bond: This print, an invitation to the Greatest Party of All Time in 2269, symbolises the longevity and strength of your relationship, making it an ideal gift for your husband.
  2. Connecting through time: It's a journey into the future, a testament to the enduring nature of your partnership, reinforcing the bond you share. Each print comes with a Record of Owners document, which allows future generations to see the history of the print. 
  3. Inspiration for the future: This gift is not just about the here and now; it's about looking forward with hope and excitement, reflecting the dreams you hold together.

A wearable reminder of the future.

2269 hats

We also sell apparel. Our hats and shirts serve as a reminder of the hope and imagination behind the 2269 project. 

2269 apparel

Our t-shirts are available in four languages: French, Korean, English and Japanese. 

More than just a gift

Gifting your husband the 2269 print means offering a symbol of your unending journey together, a celebration of past memories, and an anticipation of future joys.

This is an opportunity to give a gift that truly represents your love, and your life together.